Reminders for Runners

Some Reminders:

Please be at race control in the marquee at 11.00am.

* You will be given your race t-shirts, headscarf frying pan and apron when you register on the morning

* Publicity photos will be taken prior to the race, please be ready to assist the photographers.

* It will be arranged for your coats/warm clothing to be delivered to the Cowley room in the church, where drinks will be waiting for you after the race.

* There will be one false start for the media and photographers.

* The race will be started at 11.55am by the churchwarden. 

Things you need to bring with you on race morning

** You will need a skirt & a pancake **

* You will need to bring your sponsorship form if you are running for a charity.

* Please bring warm clothes for after the race.

*Running t-shirt, headscarf, apron, frying pan will be provided by our sponsors Francis Jackson homes and DuPont™ Teflon® and will be part of your prize* 

Please do not wear any sponsorship logos apart from those given to you by the race organisers, (charity runners are encouraged to promote their charitable cause).

 The Race:

Once you are all lined up the churchwarden will ring the pancake bell and say

‘Toss your pancakes’…….., please then toss your pancake…..   He will then say;

‘Are you ready?…..on your marks……get set…….go!’

Once you have passed the finish line please toss your pancake again.

The first six finishers will be given place numbers. You may find the media representatives want to interview you at this point.

After the race:

Please attend the shriving service at the Church.

Drinks and your clothing will be in the Church. You will enter via the west door at the back of the church.

Seats for the runners will be in the choir stalls. The service lasts about 40 minutes.

The winner’s prize presentation and prize from liberal will be presented during the service.

 Liberal Link Up:

The link with liberal (Kansas, USA) will take place in the Church Hall at 7.00 p.m. Please would the 1st, 2ndand 3rd runners take part in this. All are welcome

Run since 1445 whatever the weather – so turn up, have fun and good luck!!!