Susan Bailey, Church Warden at St Peter and St Paul, has a sister Penny who raced in the Olney Pancake Race in 1974 (pictured above). Penny Callow was 19 at the time and came in third behind Sally Ann Faulkner, the winner, and Susan Risby, who was second.

Penny was born in Olney in 1957. She is now 66 and will be running as a Guest in the International Race in Liberal on 13th Feb 2024. Her married name is Penny Grego, and she is now a US citizen, married to Bill with 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

And the family connection goes even further – Flossie Mynard, nee Callow (Susan and Penny’s aunt) won the very first International Pancake Race between Olney and Liberal 75 years ago – race pictured below